Fall marks the beginning of cold and flu season

Although there are many integrative approaches to treating these viruses, now is the time to focus on prevention. Good personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing, getting plenty of sleep and a healthy diet are key steps to fighting off these bugs before they take hold. However, a robust immune system is your best defense against infection.


Our immune system is supported by optimal nutrition and one way to achieve that is with IV nutritional therapy. Because IV therapy bypasses the gut, IVs can deliver nutrients in much higher concentrations than oral vitamins. Immune boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, B-vitamins, zinc, selenium and glutathione can all be used safely. These nutrient IVs are helpful for many people during the cold and flu season especially people with increased risk such as parents of small children, health care workers and people who travel frequently.

We offer several supportive IVs

We offer several supportive IVs, and recommendations are always tailored for the individual patient. Please note that an IV intake by the doctor and current labs are required before any treatments can be given. To ensure that you can get a nutritional IV when you need it, schedule your IV intake soon.

Below are some of the IVs that are used to help stave off infections and assist in healing when you are already ill.

1. The Immunoboost IV

is a first line of defense against colds and flus. It is a concentrated dose of immune stimulating vitamins and other nutrients. Immunoboost IVs can be given frequently to support people suffering from chronic infections or a weak immune system.

2. The Myers Cocktail

is a concentrated and balanced nutritional IV. This infusion takes very little time but provides exceptional benefit. This multivitamin mineral cocktail provides essential nutrients, the building blocks for all of our cells especially the cells of the immuen system.

3. Glutathione

is found in every cell of the body. It is an extremely important antioxidant also involved in most of the major detox pathways. The body’s need for glutathione increases during infection, with toxin exposure and during times of increased stress. Glutathione is poorly absorbed orally so IV administration is one of the only ways to get high levels into the body.
– An IV vitamin C infusion can deliver vitamin C in doses much higher than oral vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most important immune nutrients and can stimulate white blood cell activity, support detoxification, and assist in wound healing.